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began in the early 90's as a private community organization in Western New York that promoted access to higher education. More...
Ensuring College Success
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    Establishing a Chapter

    Since the AMEDF operates primarily as a public trust, almost all of the day-to-day activities such as teaching the classes and running the Scholars Programâ„¢ are hired out to independent contractors.     More...

    Become a Certified AMEDF Instructor

    The AMEDF, through its Professional Advisor Committee, has developed a training and certification program for financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals that often give advice to parents regarding higher education planning.    More...

      Planning Checklists



    College Application Checklist Stay on top of your application tasks, paperwork, and deadlines.

    Interview Checklist Make sure your child is absolutely, positively ready for the interview.

    Campus Visit Checklist Things you shouldn't miss while visiting a college.

    SAT Checklist for Students Be sure to review these last minute tips to help you do your best.

    What to Do After Your Child Chooses a College Congratulations. Your child has selected a college.

    Selecting a Financial Aid Package How to Make the Big Decision


    Higher Education Planning

    Standardized Testing and Test Preparation

    Financial Aid & Loan Information

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