"All Creatures Great and Small..."


"Ash" came to us in December 2013 from a client who was having difficulty dealing with his recurrent ringworm infections.  After many months of medicated baths and topical medications, we let him "greet" the clients and patients.  He is very curious about the different animals, but seems to prefer the cats.  The dogs are still a little intimidating but he likes to watch them from a distance.


Hospital Ambassadors

“Leroy” is our latest addition to the hospital. He was born in 2003 and was living the typical cat life until his owner became allergic to cats! They tried making him an outdoor cat, but “Leroy” wasn’t happy about that. Dr. Imus rescued him and brought him to work in the Fall of 2014. Our staff had gotten attached to him so we decided to keep him.  

He is very laid back and is happy to sleep away the day.  You usually won’t see him around during busy times as he avoids the dogs and doesn’t like loud noises. But you may catch a glimpse of him lounging in front of a computer terminal, while the girls are trying to type, or in his bed at the back of the file cabinets.  If you are lucky enough to find him lounging at the desk, give him a pat and he’ll become your friend.  

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