She went to surgery the next day.  The foreign body had caused some damage and a piece of the intestine had to be removed.  It was discovered that "Bronxy" had been swallowing rocks.  She remained in the hospital the following day on IV support and to get her eating again.  She went home on medications to help the GI tract to heal.

We called to check on "Bronxy" 3 days after surgery.  Her "dad" was very pleased.  She was active and eating very well. Hopefully, "Bronxy" has learned her lesson and won't be swallowing rocks anymore! 

"Bronxy" Scalise

Russell Veterinary Hospital, P.C.‚ÄčLakeside Veterinary Medicine

Our December Pet of the Month is "Bronxy" Scalise.  "Bronxy" is an 8 year-old, chocolate Laborador Retriever that resides in Warren with her "dad", Rob Scalise. 

"Bronxy" started coming to us in June of 2008 as a puppy with a complaint of diarrhea.  After testing negative for

Parvovirus, she was sent home on medications to treat the diarrhea.  For the next 6 years, "Bronxy" remained healthy and came to us for her yearly exams and vaccinations.

In June of 2014, "Bronxy" was brought in for a chief complaint of limping on her left hind leg.  After a thorough orthopedic exam with x-rays, it was determined that she had a torn ACL that needed to be surgically repaired.  Surgery was a success and "Bronxy" did very well.

"Bronxy" remained healthy for the next few years and would see us for an occasional allergy issue and for vaccinations. In October of this year, she was brought to us for vomiting and lethargy.  Her physical exam showed slight pain in her abdomen when palpated.  She was sent home on medications to treat the vomiting.  If there was no improvement, she was to return for a further work-up.  On November 7,  Mr Scalise called to report that "Bronxy" was not eating and was very lethargic.  She was admitted to the hospital for a complete work-up that included a blood chemistry, blood counts and x-rays.  Her x-ray showed a large foreign body in her intestinal tract.

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