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"All Creatures Great and Small..."



When you walk in our door, there is always somebody available to greet you and answer any questions that you might have. We carry Purina Pro Plan Diets and we have various products available for flea, tick and heartworm prevention to meet the individual needs of your pet.  



Exam Rooms:

We schedule 15 -30 minute office visits with our doctors during normal business hours. We have three examination rooms available.  One of these rooms is generally used for patients with potentially contagious conditions.  A large animal examination area is also available. We strive see our patients at their designated appointment time but occasionally emergencies arise.  We will notify you of any delays as quickly as possible.


We have a fully stocked pharmacy.  If needed, we can call in prescriptions to the local pharmacy of your choice. Please call ahead for medication refills so we can make sure they are in stock and ready to be picked up . We now offer online prescriptions. If it is difficult to administer medications to your pet, we have a few options to try to help make treatment less stressful for you and your pet.  Our new online pharmacy offers medications that can be compounded to your pet's favorite flavor and will be delivered directly to your home.  For more information, visit . Pharmacy Innovations in  Lakewood, NY also has compounding services available.



Treatment Rooms:


Our treatment room is at the heart of our hospital. We prepare animals for surgery, draw blood for testing, and perform various other minor procedures here.




When your pet is sick, various diagnostic capabilities are needed to determine what is going on with your animal. Over the years, we have been able to add more equipment to our hospital to be able to correctly and efficiently diagnose problems.

X-Rays and Ultrasound - We have the capabilities of taking small and large animal x-rays in house. With digital radiographs we can take and read x-rays quickly. We also have the ability to perform large and small animal ultrasounds, an extremely valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Fiberoptic Endoscopy: We have various endoscopes allowing us to perform several surgeries using a non-invasive approach including nasal, tracheal, esophageal, gastric, and colon surgeries on large and small animals.

Diagnostic laboratory: We have a fully equipped laboratory allowing us to perform bloodwork, check urine for infections, check fecals for parasites, look at cytologies of tumors, and perform various other diagnostic tests. 


Dental Suite:

Our fully operating dental facility includes dental radiography, an ultrasonic dental scaler and polisher, and high speed dental drills allowing us to not only efficiently clean teeth but also perform complicated dental extractions and provide diagnostic imaging to fully evaluate the entire tooth prior to extraction.





Surgical Suite:

We are equipped to perform many different surgical procedures from the routine ovariohysterectomies (spays) and neuters, to abdominal exploratories, bowel resections, thoracic surgery and orthopedic surgeries such as cruciate and fracture repairs.

Anesthesia: We focus on progressive anesthesia allowing the patients to experience safe and pleasant anesthesia with minimal side effects. Prior to surgery, the animal is given appropriate pain medication and sedation allowing induction of anesthesia and wakeup to be quiet and pain free. We are the only hospital in the area to offer Sevoflurane a gas anesthetic that is mainly excreted by exhalation, maintaining low solubility in the bloodstream. This is often an excellent anesthetic to use on geriatric patients, patients with heart conditions, and patients with liver failure when a rapid wake up from anesthesia is important.

Monitoring during anesthesia is a critical component to a safe procedure and includes the utilization of an EKG, respiratory monitor and pulse oximeter to measure the patient's oxygenation during surgery. A carefully trained veterinary technician (nurse anesthetist) continuously monitors these and additional vitals functions working hand in hand with the surgeon performing the procedure. 


Our kennel room:

We have various sized cages to keep your pet comfortable. It is close to our treatment room, so they constantly have someone watching them throughout the day. We are very careful to ensure the careful disinfection of all of our cages between use to prevent the transmission of disease, and we have isolation facilities available for patients with infectious diseases. 


Except under very special circumstances, we do not offer boarding for your pets. We feel that it is in the best interest of your pet to utilize a facility separate from a hospital and designed specifically for this purpose. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best care available to our hospitalized patients and concentrating their efforts on making them well. If your pet has a special medical condition that might need to bend this policy, we are happy to discuss this. Please call our staff and we can make recommendations for excellent boarding facilities in our area.

Large Animal Hospital: 

Our large animal hospital includes a specially constructed padded stall which is very easy to disinfect and stocks that permit us to perform various standing and recumbent surgeries on large animals here in the hospital in a much cleaner setting than may be attained on the farm.

We offer a variety of services which include:

routine vaccinations and annual health checks for equine, small ruminants, camelids, and pet pigs
health papers, coggins testing, and pre-purchase exams
dairy health herd programs, reproductive programs, mastitis management and herd testing
equine dentistry
equine lameness exams
various surgeries including castrations, dehorning, wound lacerations, DA surgeries, reproductive procedures, teat surgeries, hernia repairs.